How committed are you to changing your body? To changing your mind? Your life?

Take a class, LIVE online from the comfort and safety of your own home. It is free to join, you can leave a donation if you enjoy the class. Easy to access, no registration needed, immediate link to class.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”


Our Classes

We offer different styles of yoga classes online, guided live by accredited instructors. All you need is the time, supporting device, space, and the motivation to become a whole new person. Yoga has transformed the lives of many around the world, join today!

Meet the teacher

Get to know your teacher, learn about her education, background, and experiences. Ask all the questions you have. In Buddhism, it is said that we all have an inner teacher that reflects the qualities of the outer teacher. Making that connection ensures progress and growth.

Workshops and Events

Stay connected and check for upcoming events and monthly workshops! Workshops are special classes that help us deepen our practice and understanding on specific topics such as: breathing and meditation, mastering arm balances, etc…

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“Estas clases me han ayudado a reafirmar que el camino de la espiritualidad es el indicado para lograr el equilibrio perfecto que necesito a la hora de crear, y de vivir.”

-Mariana Alom, actress & model. Cuba

“Volví a meditar, senti la necesidad de retomar hábitos alimentícios veganos y me ha ayudado mucho a llevar de mejor forma el encierro en casa. Pero esto a sido posible gracias a la profe Patry, que guía las clases y tiene una linda forma de trasmitir su conocimiento.”

-Tamara Fernanda, artist. Chile

“La experiencia con Paty ha sido maravillosa, desde que comencé a realizar yoga con ella he perdido el miedo, cada día avanzo un poquito más, ella es muy dedicada y preocupada en lo que hace y con sus alumnas.. gracias por tu trabajo!!! ✨🌼✨♥️”

-Jocelyn Paredes, lawyer. Chile

“Definitivamente he mejorado mucho desde que estoy haciendo las clases de Patry, me ha ayudado a mejorar mi metabolismo, concentración y en general mi peso. La conexión que tiene el yoga con lo espiritual es algo que funciona perfecto para bajar la carga del día a día. Mil gracias Patry!”

-Ariana Diaz, sales, Miami.

“Patricia’s yoga classes are fun and challenging, while you are listening to her at the class you can learn at the same time. That makes her classes more interesting and because of that you can feel you want and need to keep taking her classes, and at the same time if you have a pet friend, it will help you with your laugh and enjoyment of the practice time. Namaste pa todo el mundo.”

-Claudia Nieves, artist, Miami.

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