Vinyasa विन्यास

A dynamic practice that involves movement and breath: every time we move we breathe, every time we breathe we move. Through seamless transitions we move from pose to pose. There are multiple options: Power Flow is a strong practice where we work muscle groups and push the body; Vinyasa Stretch focuses on flexibility and mobility; and Slow Flow is a more restorative approach to Vinyasa. We flow through a series of traditional poses to build strength, mobility, endurance, and flexibility. We benefit from creating movement in the body, and stillness in the mind. Sign up.

Hatha हठ

The word Hatha translates to “force”, and is an old tradition that incorporates Āsanas (poses) and Prānayama (breathing exercises). In a Hatha class we flow from pose to pose, almost seamlessly, but experience each individual pose in more depth. This powerful practice focuses on intention, alignment, shape, physical and mental benefits of each pose. It creates a stronger bond between body and breath, body and mind, self and universal. Sign up.

Yin Yoga

Unlike other Yoga practices that are considered Yang due to their effort and strong intention, Yin Yoga is a slow practice of exercises that incorporates principles of Chinese medicine. We hold poses for longer periods of time, with smooth transitions. The objective is to stretch deep muscles and connective tissues, while inviting a meditative state of concentration.


This modern hybrid combines classic ballet postures and alignment, with the core strength principles of yoga. Very high energy, it is ideal for weight loss and muscle toning. The purpose of this unique practice is to help us develop core integrity and spinal stability. We combine this very demanding and fun practice with Tabata method to boost metabolic rate and increase calorie burn. Quite the challenge! Sign up.

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