Chakra Healing through Yoga & Essential Oils

Learn from Suey Vendrell how essential oils have the power to support our health and wellness in a holistic, safe and effective way! In addition we will dive deeper into the chakras to discover key characteristics that hold practical wisdom to release any blocks that may be holding us back from our authentic selves.  We will incorporate yoga poses, affirmations, breath work and visualization meditation to heal from within in an empowered way.

Copy Zoom Meeting ID: 849 9559 6599 or RSVP below to receive link.

About Suey Vendrell

Suey Vendrell is an essential oil expert, yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner. Over the past five years, she has radically transformed her life   using all natural solutions, and is passionate about being of service to the people and the planet. Her heart-led mission is to inspire others to live in pure alignment with the best version of themselves and awaken to their true nature. She firmly believes that if we truly want to see collective transformation, it begins at the individual level -by  each one of us doing the work, we will create a ripple effect of healing across the planet through all of humanity.

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