Intro to Yoga. Every Tuesday of June at 6:30pm East (US & Canada)

Part 1: Heroes & Warriors. We will go over some of yoga’s basic alignment, postures, and learn the mystical stories behind these poses.

Part 2: Subtle Bodies. In this second session we will explore the energy bodies and chakras, tapping into an unknown part of ourselves.

Part 3: Weird Poses. Learn about some of the weirdest traditional poses, their even more intricate mythological stories, and how to perform them! Sign in.

Part 4: “And now, Yoga”. We will enjoy excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita, and practice with complete confidence and awareness. More coming soon! Sign in.

Past Workshops

Beginner Inversion Course on Saturday May 30th at 15:00 MST / 17:00 EST, to check your local time visit here. We will work on core strength, spinal integrity, alignment, upper body stability, and then we will play with getting upside down! A fun and productive way of spending your Saturday afternoon. All levels are welcome, this is a beginner approach to arm balances and handstands.

Partner Yoga and Acrobatic Workshops

Arm Balance and Heart Openners

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