August Classes

Hatha Fundamentals

हठ The word Hatha translates to “force”, and is an old tradition that incorporates Āsanas (poses) and Prānayama (breathing exercises).Learn the basic alignment, structure, and intention of Hatha poses and sequencing. Prepare to deepen your practice. Sign up for this class in UpNext.


A mindful flow that allows us to stretch deeper into the muscles and connective tissues. Helps us relief tension in the body, reduce stress, improve flexibility, and manage physical discomfort. All levels of practice are welcome. Sign up for this class in UpNext.

Vinyasa Advanced

विन्यास Vinyasa is a dynamic practice that involves movement and breath: every time we move we breathe, every time we breathe we move. This level 3 or advanced class incorporates more complicated poses that require deeper knowledge of yoga, and more body awareness than beginner level classes. However, intermediate students are welcome to join as long as they are aware of the challenge, and honor their limits. Sign up for this class in UpNext.

Weekend Classes with other studios. Support local studios and yoga communities!

SoFlow Yoga

Every Saturday 10:00am EST

Gentle morning Hatha Yoga

Sani Yoga

  • Saturday at 12pm EST Vinyasa
  • Sunday at 8pm EST Yin Yoga

$5 contribution to the studio.

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